Detail Design, Safety & Proof Check Consultancy

Sr. No. Project Work Compnay Logo
1 Consultancy Services for Proof Checking of Construction of CC walkway on Dandi Heritage Road of NH No 228 in the state of Gujarat. Apex Tarmac Pvt.Ltd
2 Design Consultancy Service for rehabilitation and up gradation of Katni - Umaria section of NH-78 from km 0/00 to 7/950 (Katni Bypass) and from km 4/600 to 68/4 to 2-lane with paved shoulders via EPC mode. Kalthia Engineering & Construction Ltd
3 Pavement Design Consultancy Service for Lakhtar Vadhwan Project Road Kalthia Engineering & Construction Ltd
4 Pavement Design Consultancy Service for Construction of bridge project on Bedi-Maliasan ring road between km. 0/300 to 1/800 near Rajkot Kalthia Engineering & Construction Ltd