Our leadership team is proud of our firm’s accomplishments, and we are excited about the opportunities to continue to serve each client’s best long-term interests.

Tejas Patel

Founder & Director – Technical

Irrespective of the firm’s size, getting into new technologies gives both tangible and intangible benefits that help in producing the results which customer demands. My key responsibility at Translink is to enable new technological infrastructure which will take the efficiency, relation and culture of the company to new heights.

Vishant Patel

Founder & Director - Finance

Inception of Translink Infrastructure Consultants was based on the belief of three dimensional growth. And they are Intellectual Growth, Material Growth and Social Growth. My key responsibility today is to align and to optimize financial resources in a way which creates balance between these dimensions of growth.

Karan Dave

Manager (BD & OD)

We are at the forefront of the transportation infrastructure consulting in India. We are involved in the most innovative and complex projects that tackle the transportation infrastructure in India and provide confidence to the leading infrastructure developers in India.

We are demonstrating our commitment to modernizing and developing infrastructure in India by advising clients with help of accurate data and unparalleled technical insights. Whether it be Detail Project Report for Government agencies, Detail Design for Contactors, Technical & Financial Due Diligence for Mergers & Acquisition of BOT projects, Smart Mobility & ITS or Urban Transportation Planning such as Route Rationalization Studies, Transportation Demand Modelling for BRTS, Monorail & Metros using complex models and avant grade software or Detail Pavement Investigation studies including Non Destructive studies such as Falling Weigh Deflectometer & GPR, Translink provides client with the most reliable outputs for decision making based on years of experience, expert personnel and highest standards of integrity.

If you have a project, a concept or a technical issue you think could be resolved by Transportation and related Infrastructure solutions, come and speak to our team at Translink.