Our Policies

Quality Policy

At Translink Infrastructure Consultants Pvt Ltd, we believe that there is nothing right or wrong. There is only cause and consequence. That is why accountability and responsibility matter the most to us. Hence in our every action we commit ourselves to give our clients highest standards of accountability and responsibility.

Equal Opportunity Policy

In Indian tradition since many millenniums goddess has been the symbol of good fortune and a cow herd and charioteer has been amongst the most revered gods. We love and worship them no matter what their gender or caste. Similarly even in our organization same policy is adopted. We give extreme emphasis on the fact that everyone should get due opportunity irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability in every operational engagements of the organization.

Health & Safety Policy

Our organization has its root in Indian traditions which have been followed since millenniums. One such tradition is to integrate body, mind & spirit. For this to happen, a healthy body and a healthy mind is essential. Hence to provide safe working environment and to provide trainings and learning opportunities for the development of mind is of prime importance to our organization.

Talent Management Policy

The story of Sage Agasatya in our tradition explains the importance of Talent Management to ensure the survival of an organization. Leaders and organizations are not created in a vacuum. We believe that our great leaders will create great organizations, and great organizations shall create a great ecosystem that that will again creates a great leader. But neither our leaders nor our organisation, however great it will be, is immortal. The only way for our organisation to survive is to admit to the mortality of the current leader and work towards making him immortal by managing talents under him in such a way that he replaces himself, with successors who are as competent as they are.