Road Safety

Road safety continues to be one of the most serious issues worldwide and it affects everyone who uses the road network system. We consider road safety to be a fundamental ingredient of the overall traffic system, whether it is a planning or design issue. Translink provides specialized services in the road safety engineering. We are working for both public road agencies and private toll road operators as independent road safety advisors/auditors.

Road Safety Audits and Reports

  • Concept design, Feasibility Design, preliminary design, and detailed design stage Road Safety audits
  • Pre-opening and post- opening Road Safety audit
  • Day and night-time audit of Traffic Management Plans (TMPs)

Road/Street Furniture and Road Safety Engineering Measures Planning and Design

  • Road Signs
  • Road Marking
  • Road Delineators (Roadway Indicators, Hazard Markers and Object markers)
  • Road /Street Lightings
  • Road Studs & Attenuators
  • Crash barriers (Road Side and Median Barriers)
  • RBS,KS and HS
  • Pedestrian Railings/Guard Rails/Footpaths etc.

Crash history analysis and Crash treatment determination

  • Traffic Safety Audits and Crash Reduction Studies
  • Black spot investigations of routes and intersections
  • Construction Traffic Management Plans/Safety During Constructions

Road safety strategies for local Administrations/Municipal Corporations

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