Transportation Planning & Economics

Transport Planning includes a wide range of disciplines and covers everything necessary to tackle modern transport problems and to plan and effectively deliver our transport systems.

Our transport planning capabilities vary from Transportation Master Plans, public transport planning, transportation terminal design, pedestrian mobility and infrastructure planning etc. Translink provides a broad array of Transportation Planning related services to both the public and private sector including:

  • Transportation Master Plan
  • Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP)
  • Comprehensive Traffic and Transport Studies (CTTS) including Mass Transport options (Metro, Light Rail, Monorail & BRTS)
  • Multimodal Transport Studies
  • Public Transport Planning
  • Development of Transportation Operational Models, Schedule Planning, Tariff and Ticketing Systems service and time tables Integrations
  • Regional Transportation Planning
  • Transit Planning and Design Studies
  • Traffic Network Modelling/Transport Demand Modelling and Transit Ridership studies
  • Development of Comprehensive Travel Demand Models, including four stage models (for trip generation, trip distribution, mode split and traffic assignment)
  • Transport Terminals (Bus, Rail) Master Plan Studies
  • Freight /Logistic Infrastructure Planning & Design (Transport Nagar)
  • Town Centre/CBD Area Transportation Planning
  • Event Traffic and Transport Planning
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Studies
  • Parking Demand assessment & layout design and Traffic Circulation Studies
  • Economic Feasibility studies, cost benefit analysis and road users cost studies etc.

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