Transportation Surveys & Research

Our aim is to offer our clients a fast and reliable traffic survey data collection service, ensuring quality and integrity of data at every stage of data collection and analysis. We aim to apply innovative thinking to proven techniques to achieve this where ever we can.

Translink provides a high-quality alternative to the data collection services available in the following Infrastructure sectors.

  • Traffic/Highway Engineering
  • Transport Planning
  • Aviation
  • Ports and Jetties
  • Logistics Centres etc.

Our traffic surveys are undertaken in manners to ensure compliance with engineering standards such as IRC, MORTH Specification, Toll policy, Transportation modeling guidelines. With modern equipments and highly trained staff we provide our clients with an intelligent solution to their data collection requirements. Translink has three main data collection services for our clients:

  • Manual data collection
  • Video data collection
  • Automatic Traffic Collection

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