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Translink Infrastructure Consultants Pvt Ltd is a leading provider of comprehensive transportation solutions. Our expertise spans various domains, including traffic engineering, transportation planning and economics, toll road services and financial advisory, as well as integrated mobility and intelligent transportation systems (ITS). With a focus on efficiency, safety, and sustainability, we deliver customized solutions that address the unique challenges of each project. Contact us for reliable advisory services tailored to your specific needs.

Our team offers a wide range of advisory services to government entities involved in highway projects. We provide expert guidance and support in the following areas:

Pre-feasibility and Techno-Economic Feasibility Studies:

Through detailed analysis and evaluation, we conduct pre-feasibility and techno-economic feasibility studies to assess the viability and potential of highway projects. These studies provide valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Detail Project Report:

Our experienced professionals prepare comprehensive detail project reports that encompass all aspects of the highway project. These reports encompass technical, financial, and environmental considerations, ensuring a holistic understanding of the project.

Cost-to-Complete Studies:

We conduct thorough cost-to-complete studies, which accurately evaluate the remaining costs and resources required to successfully complete ongoing or stalled highway projects. Our studies aid in efficient project management and resource allocation.

Authority's Engineer/Independent Engineer's Services & Project Management Advisory:

As authority's engineer or independent engineer, we provide expert services to oversee and ensure compliance with specified standards during the execution of highway projects. Our project management advisory services optimize project performance and enhance efficiency.

Corridor-level Road Safety Audits:

Our dedicated team conducts meticulous corridor-level road safety audits, identifying potential hazards and suggesting necessary improvements to enhance safety measures. We prioritize the well-being of road users and work towards minimizing accidents and fatalities.

Identification & Removal of Blackspots:

Through rigorous assessments, we identify blackspots on highways that pose safety risks. Our team devises effective solutions to eliminate these blackspots, making the road network safer for all users.

Design & Implementation Support for New Technology-based Projects:

We provide comprehensive design and implementation support for highway projects incorporating new technologies. Our aim is to optimize project outcomes and ensure seamless integration of innovative solutions.

Translink Infrastructure Consultants Pvt Ltd offers specialized advisory services to investors, concessionaires, and contractors engaged in highway projects. Our services include:

Pre-Bid Advisory:

We offer expert guidance and strategic advice to investors, concessionaires, and contractors during the crucial pre-bid phase. Our insights assist in making informed decisions and maximizing opportunities.

Detail Engineering Design:

Our skilled professionals provide detailed engineering design services, ensuring accurate and efficient execution of highway projects. We emphasize quality, safety, and adherence to industry best practices.

Road Safety Audits:

Our team conducts comprehensive road safety audits at various stages of the project, including the design stage, during construction, and pre-COD (Commercial Operation Date). These audits help identify potential safety issues and recommend necessary measures for risk mitigation.

Proof Checking & Peer Review of Designs:

We offer thorough proof checking and peer review services to validate the integrity and reliability of highway design plans. Our meticulous approach ensures design accuracy and compliance with relevant standards.

Technical Due Diligence Studies & Cost to Complete Studies:

Through our technical due diligence studies, we assess the technical feasibility and associated risks of highway projects. Our cost-to-complete studies provide transparent insights into the remaining costs required for project completion.

Integrated Road Development Projects (IRDP):

We provide comprehensive support for integrated road development projects, which encompass various infrastructure elements. Our approach optimizes project outcomes and fosters sustainable development.

Assistance for Financial Closure:

We extend our support to investors and concessionaires in achieving financial closure for their highway projects. Our expertise streamlines the process, facilitating successful project financing.

Advanced Equipment Solutions

We utilize advanced equipment for precise assessments in various sectors. Our specialized services include using the Heavy Weight Deflectometer (HWD), Network Survey Vehicle (NSV), Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU), and Retro Reflectometer. These equipment enable us to deliver accurate pavement analysis for highways, conduct comprehensive network surveys, ensure the safety of bridges and structures, and evaluate road markings and signage visibility.